The Peoples House Colorado

Good afternoon:

Last week, the House debated the 2015-16 State budget::
. As part of the
total budget, members of the Joint Budget Committee, minus the House
Republican representative on the JBC Rep Bob Rankin, brought forth a bill to raid the Severance Tax cash fund.

Please click on the following link to watch House Republican Leader Brian DelGrosso, Ranking member of Agriculture Rep Don Coram, Rep J Paul Brown, Ranking member of Transportation and Energy Jon Becker and Rep Tim Dore fight for rural Colorado as well as stand up for the fiscal responsibility that we should follow when crafting the State Budget – House GOP Stands up for Rural Colorado and Fiscal Responsibility.

Visit our website at to let us know your thoughts on what members of the House Republican caucus did last week.

Thanks for your time,

Polly Lawrence

Assistant House Republican Leader

PS: If you agree fiscal responsibility MUST be a part of the process AND with our standing up for rural Colorado, please follow your House
Republicans on twitter at @ThePeoplesHouseCO and like our Facebook page at The Peoples House Colorado.

Polly Lawrence
State Representative, HD39

By pollylawrence

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