Marijuana Edibles Draw Greater Scrutiny Governor signs bills to tighten regulations on marijuana-laced food products Denver –Yesterday, Governor Hickenlooper signed into law key marijuana regulation legisl ation. House Bills 1366 and 1361, introduced by Representatives Frank McNulty (R-Highlands Ranch) and Jonath an Singer (D-Longmont), make marijuana edibles easily identifiable and create a THC potency equivalency, res pectively.”The public doesn’t even hear about all of the dangerous incidents surrounding ma rijuana,” said Diane Carlson of Smart Colorado (NPO focused on protecting Colorado youth from early marijuana use).”Many parents, school officials, and doctors are afraid to speak out for fear of bac klash from an industry that often claims it’s completely harmless.” Accidental marijuana in gestion by children is on the rise in Colorado since voters legalized marijuana last year. Nine children hav e been admitted to Denver’s Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit alone since retail marij uana shops opened their doors in January of this year. That’s more than half of all cases combined f rom 2005-2011. Not only are these marijuana-laced edibles identical to sweets and snacks found on grocery st ore shelves, the THC potency levels are inconsistent and dangerous. There was no law to make these products conspicuous or standardize the equivalency, until now. “With these bills, we have taken an importan t first step to keeping these dangerous marijuana products out of the hands of kids,” said McNulty. “It is the very definition of recklessness to take snacks designed for kids and lace them with marij uana. My hope is that this bill will help drive down accidental marijuana poisonings and keep kids out of th e emergency room.”:

By pollylawrence

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