Fwd: DCGOP News: REMINDER – Republican Caucus TOMORROW!

DCGOP News: REMINDER – Republican Caucus TOMORROW!






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] REMINDER – Republican Caucus TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 4th at 7pm, is caucus! Republicans throughout Douglas County and Colorado will be attending their local caucus meetings.

Be sure to bring your photo ID!

CLICK HERE<www.dcgop.org/Candidates> to learn about the candidates asking for your vote!
To find where your local caucus meeting is, click here<www.dcgop.org/CheckPrecinct>.
To optionally pre-register for caucus, click here<caucus.cologop.org>.
Caucus is an opportunity for you and other Republicans in your neighborhood to come together, discuss the issues, elect individuals to represent your area in the Douglas County GOP, elect delegates who will choose our Republican candidates at the county assembly next month, and to cast a non-binding straw-poll vote for a Republican candidate for governor and U.S. Senate.
To participate in caucus, you must simply have been a registered Republican for two months, a resident of your precinct for 29 days, and be at least 18 years of age. Everyone who meets these qualifications is eligible to participate and vote at caucus, and to be elected as precinct committee person and/or delegate.
If you’d like more information about caucus, please click here<www.dcgop.org/Caucus>.
Please set aside tomorrow evening, Tuesday, March 4th, to attend your local Republican caucus meeting. If you’d like to have a voice in determining the direction of the county, state, and national Republican Party, and to choose our county and statewide Republican candidates, it all starts two weeks from tonight at caucus!


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