Five highways reopened today and one last night. This brings us down to 16 closures. The following highways are now open: Openings SH 119 between I-25 and County line: all lanes are now open US 287 between SH 402 and 5th Street in Loveland: All southbound lanes and one northbound lane are open. SH 66 between CR 13 and CR 19: A gravel road has been established and all lanes are now open. Paving will begin on Monday. SH 60 at CR 46 in Milliken: All lanes are now open. SH 59 between SH 138 and I-76: All lanes are now open. SH 138 between SH 113 and SH 55: All lanes are now open. Remaining Closures Northeast Colorado SH 39 between Goodrich and I-76 SH 55 between SH 138 and I-76 SH 71 near Snyder SH 144 between U.S. 34 and Weldona Northern Colorado I-25 Frontage Road south of Loveland at MP 256.670 U.S. 34 between Glade Road and Estes Park U.S. 34 between Greeley and Kersey U.S. 36 between Lyons and Estes Park U.S. 36 at Left Hand Canyon Road near Boulder SH 7 between Lyons and Raymond SH 14 between Ted’s Place and Cameron Pass SH 66 between 53rd Street in Longmont to Lyons SH 119 between Boulder and Nederland in Boulder Canyon SH 257 between SH 60 in Milliken to US 34 Denver Metro Area SH 72 (Indiana Street) between 72nd Avenue and 80th Avenue SH 72 between SH 93 and SH 119 in Coal Creek Canyon:

By pollylawrence

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